A little bit about me ✨

My name is Jenny Ear and I am a product designer based in Los Angeles, California. After a meaningful journey in environmental education and biological sciences, I discovered my true calling in the realm of design.

Growing up as a first-generation Asian American, I've witnessed the challenges faced by my refugee parents as they struggled with technology that often overlooked their needs. It broke my heart knowing that my parents felt "left behind" by a world rapidly advancing in technology. As their frustrations grew, so did my determination to address their struggles.

My childhood upbringing ignited a passion within me to bridge the gap between diverse user needs and innovative design solutions. When I design, I design with my parents in mind, asking myself, "Can my mom and dad use this?" I am driven by an empathy-powered approach to design for positive change.

My personal values

🤝 Collaboration

Through collaboration and teamwork, I believe that we are able to bring together diverse perspectives and find creative solutions.

😊 Positivity

I seek the silver lining in challenges and approach problems with a can-do attitude. I believe in transforming obstacles into opportunities.

📖 Continuous Learning

Every opportunity is a learning opportunity. I strive to continuously develop my skillset and hone my craft, embracing a growth mindset.

When I'm not working

I like to game

My favorites include League of Legends, Pokémon, and Apex Legends.

I go on adventures

I like getting active through snorkeling, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors.

I collect hobbies

Some of my many hobbies include illustrating, crafting, playing the piano, and baking.