Hello, I’m Jenny Ear.
A product designer that wears many hats.

Currently, I design at DIA Design Guild, a nonprofit organization focused on inclusion and accessibility. I also design for Savicore, a B2C esports coaching platform. My work revolves around uplifting small businesses, startup companies, and other nonprofits.

What People Say About Me
“When I think of a leader I think of someone who can problem-solve and bring their team together to tackle their challenges. That is exactly who Jenny is. Any company would be lucky to have such a hard working designer.”
Sonya Crown
UX Designer and Analyst @ Ratkaj Designs
"Jenny’s ability to work seamlessly with designers, developers, and stakeholders makes her a valuable team player. Her professionalism, cooperative nature, time management skills, accuracy, and dedication consistently contributed to our team’s success."
Caroline Craner
UX Strategist @ DIA Design Guild
“Jenny is a great problem solver and passionate designer. She is always willing to help and provides valuable insights with an empathetic and innovative approach. I believe her intuitive design sensibilities will make her a valuable asset to any team.”
Ana Liu
Product Designer II @ American Specialty Health